Aaron E. Berger, Psy.D.

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Psychotherapy and Coaching

For Individuals and Couples.

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Personalized Counseling & Behavioral Therapy

in Santa Monica

Through my counseling practice I have embarked on a mission of providing a safe place for all people to receive individualized help for their unique situations or personal struggles. I believe hurting, anxiety, or any negative emotion can be healed over time with the proper guidance. I believe the discouraged can be courageous and the confused can see clearly, all through counseling and care. Instead of ignoring fear or negativity, I help my patients understand it so they can take on life with bravery and confidence.

I specialized in behavioral health and marriage and family counseling. I also provide individualized counseling for adults who experience emotional, behavioral, or cognitive troubles all too often. My counseling approach is solution focused. I aim to give each patient a comfortable, safe, and homey experience. When patients come to me for help and counseling, I make sure they receive a departure from the everyday connectedness of the high-tech world. I also incorporate active several principles and interventions as needed.

Psychotherapy Room

If you are ready to schedule a session, for couple’s therapy or social anxiety, feel free to get in contact with me right away by phone or email. If you have any questions about my services, I will do my best to give you the clarity you seek. I look forward to hearing from you soon!

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear ”

- Mark Twain -